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November Real Estate and Fishing Report


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Welcome to the 2nd edition of Headwaters by JCH, a real estate newsletter and fly fishing report. Holy cow, is this year going by quickly! Last quarter, we were talking summer homes and fishing conditions on the South Fork, and now, Thanksgiving is right around the corner and ski season is here.

Our local real estate world has enjoyed a very robust quarter, and I encourage you to look at some of the highlights and trends in Jackson Hole, included below. The market metrics reflect a strong and healthy real estate market. Teton County, Idaho is also progressing steadily in many areas, including single family and vacation properties.

As I continue to bring you smarter and more customer-focused real estate service, I am very excited to announce that our Headwaters website is under construction with plans to launch by mid-December. The website will highlight properties and listings, include valuable information about the region, and serve as a go-to reference for services and resources for real estate-related questions (some fishing and recreational questions, as well!).

Inventory remains at or near an all-time low in almost every category of residential property, from condominiums to vacation homes and ranches. Prices continue to climb because the low inventory has not slowed the demand and interest of people wanting to buy. Appropriately priced real estate is selling quickly. If you or someone you know is interested in potentially selling their property in this area, feel free to call me, and I will gladly discuss that potential listing as well as any questions about the process. Right now is an excellent time to sell.

Thank you for taking the time to read the Headwaters by JCH newsletter. Please feel free to call me with any questions about the properties listed here or others that interest you.


Fly Fishing Report & Tips


THE GRAND SLAM: In short, the “grand slam” is a term in the vernacular of saltwater fly fishing, which means an angler has landed a tarpon, bonefish and a permit, all on the same day. In reality, this accomplishment is both extremely challenging and incredibly rewarding.

For many saltwater anglers, landing one of those species of fish is reward enough. A tailing bonefish scooping up your fly and rocketing of over the flat, a tarpon unhinging its massive jaw and inhaling a baitfish pattern, and a giant-eyed permit tipping down to gulp a crab fly from the bottom and then exploding into open water––all of those scenes can make an angler’s heart pound and hands shake. Imagine doing them all on the same day!
From now through June is an excellent time to chase these fish and the grand slam. Parts of Belize and Mexico, as well as the Florida Keys, offer some of the best opportunities: warm weather, warm water, and lots of fish to target. I encourage any angler who has not tried fly fishing the saltwater flats for any and all of these species to give it a try. It is a thrill and (be warned!) very addictive.

If you catch the grand slam, congratulations! To go for the Super Grand Slam, try to catch a snook, as well.

Jim Hickey

Jim’s approach to real estate is best described as mindful persistence. His observation skills, attention to detail, focus, and a sense of what could work for someone in a given situation creates unparalleled opportunities––whether it’s for hunting the ideal fish, the ideal animal, or the ideal property.