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As you may know, I recently transitioned from a 20-year career in the fly-fishing industry to the exciting and ever-changing world of recreational and residential real estate in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Teton Valley, Idaho, the South Fork Corridor, and Pocatello, Idaho – all in cooperation with RE/MAX Obsidian Real Estate in Jackson Hole. Over the past 10 months, I have earned my real estate licenses in Wyoming and Idaho, proudly joined the exceptional team at RE/MAX Obsidian, and conducted my first sales in Jackson Hole. It has been a fantastic journey and experience. Along the way, I also developed the brand of Headwaters by JCH, a smarter and more efficient approach to real estate.

My mission with Headwaters by JCH is to:

  • Listen intently, whether my customers are listing property or buying property.
  • Provide customer-focused and world-class service.
  • Meet my clients’ expectations in all of their real estate projects.



Fly Fishing Report & Tips

f0c3feb2-6443-4a2b-b74e-d78e351768daThe waters in and around Jackson Hole offer some of the best fly-fishing in the world. For twenty years, I have fished and guided these areas. In each Headwaters by JCH Newsletter, I will include descriptions of the current fishing conditions and tips on how to make the most of your fishing opportunities on these legendary trout waters.

South Fork of the Snake River – The salmonfly hatch has come and gone for the most part on the South Fork with lingering big bugs in pockets, especially on the upper sections. Golden stones and yellow sallies are active as well, along with emergences of pmd mayflies. Dry-fly fishing with foam is producing on the banks and near the woody debris. Shallow nymph rigs with yellow stonefly and pmd patterns are effective all day and especially on the riffles and drop offs at mid-day.

Headwaters Tip – Try fishing two unweighted nymphs under a small indicator about 5 feet in length (from the indicator to the last fly). Use a #6-#10 split shot, depending on the speed of the water, to set the depth of your unweighted nymphs — closer to the indicator during the emergence all the way down to just above your first nymph before and after the hatch and in deeper water. The unweighted nymphs look very realistic to the fish, and the weight keeps your flies in the strike zone longer. Enjoy the fishing!

Thank you for taking the time to read the first Headwaters by JCH newsletter. Please feel free to call me with any questions about the properties listed here or others. I look forward to talking with you, listening to what you desire and providing you with a smooth and fulfilling real estate experience.

Jim Hickey

Jim’s approach to real estate is best described as mindful persistence. His observation skills, attention to detail, focus, and a sense of what could work for someone in a given situation creates unparalleled opportunities––whether it’s for hunting the ideal fish, the ideal animal, or the ideal property.